Chalice Well Pendant

Chalice Well Jewelry - Avalon Essence Gift Set
Avalon Essence Gift Set Includes:
 Sacred Red Springs Water with Herkimer Diamond Pendant, Black Cord Necklace & Information Card
The water within your pendant comes from the ancient red spring that flows through the Gardens of the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. People have traveled to this sacred place for thousands of years seeking the healing essence that is said to be held within these ancient waters. It is said that the energy which emerges from this place is one of deep peace, healing and support.
This powerful glass bottle pendant measures approximately 1 & 1/8 inches in length and comes with a black cord necklace. Suspended within the Chalice Well Water is a delicate 5mm Herkimer Diamond. This combination is said to have spiritual healing properties. Wear it, or anoint yourself and objects with it. Everything is presented in an organza bag with information card.


Avalon Essence Gift Set
 Avalon Essence Gift Set
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