Oh La La Lavender

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One of the most revered scents of all times, Lavender has a long history within perfume artistry and magick. The mere mention of Lavender brings to mind peace, calm & relaxation but there is so much more to the benefits of Lavender. Lavender dates as far back as the early Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians mixed lavender in beeswax, applied this mixture under thier wigs and as it melted upon thier heads it released a beautiful aroma. During the Victorian era Lavender was also used in crafts and love spells. It was said that clothing rubbed with Lavender would attract love. Today Lavender is still one of the most revered scents of all times and why we pay homage to this beautiful beneficial blossom and its herbal magick in our unique Oh La La Lavender collection!
Enchanted Oil Blends - $18 for 10ml
Presented in black roll-on bottles in matching gift box
Enchanted Oil Teasers - $4 for small sample vial
Purchase TWO Enchanted Oil Blends For $30

Oh La La Lavender
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 Oh La La Lavender Alchemy Oils
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