Damask Moon FAQ ~ Terms of Service/Disclaimer




How Do I Place An Order?

Our shopping cart supports payments made through:

PayPal / Visa / MasterCard /Discover /American Express


In order for us to process credit card payments - please make sure you enter the exact address your credit card bills come to. Orders will be processed once payment is clear.


PayPal echecks take 7-10 business days to clear. Other PayPal transactions clear in 1-2 business days. Orders will be processed once payment is clear.


What Is The Cost Of Shipping?

We use USPS Mail for all our shipping needs. For product safety some orders may ship via two shipments. Domestic and International orders with a subtotal of $250 or more received FREE SHIPPING!
Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
United States First Class - $3.00 - $14.00 
United States Priority Mail - $7.00 - $14.00
Delivery depends on origin/shipping method. Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.
International First Class - $6.00 - $25.00

International Priority Mail - $25.00 - $61.00


Please Note: All Custom Duties &/or Fees Are Customers Responsibility. You must have a physical address to ship to, we do not ship to PO Boxes.


Why Didn’t You Ship Via USPS First Class Mail... until now?

In our many years of operation we have tried almost every shipping option out there. One of the biggest reasons why we did not use USPS rfirst class mail is the extremely long processing times - it can take an excess of 10 business day US & over 30 business days International after we send the shipment out for customers to receive their orders! Thats alot of wait time for our customers.
With the recent major USPS shipping rate increases we now are offering a more cost effective solution for our customers with first class mail. Please note delivery times for both US & International first class mail typically are much much longer but we felt there was a need to offer a more cost effective solution.
We offer free shipping on orders over $250 and offer exclusive coupon codes/sales via our newsletter - so be sure to sign up for that today!
What Is The Estimated Delivery Time Of My Products?

Our specialty products are each handcrafted one bottle at a time fresh to order. The upside of having freshly made products is that they are delivered completely fresh & the way you want them but this also means it takes a little time to complete your order. We feel the wait time is well worth it for the fresh quality of our products!


We work very hard & do our very best to get orders out to you securely, accurately and as fast as we can. Due to the high volume of our orders and the fact that each of our products are handcrafted one at a time - most of our US customers receive their items within 14-21 business days after payment clears but we do ask our customers to please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. International delivery depends on country origin. During periods of extreme high demand (e.g. holidays/new releases) delivery times may extend by a week or two. We do not offer rush orders at this time.


What Is Your Return Policy?
ALL SALES FINAL due to sanitary reasons. We also do not offer any fragrance exchanges. We recommend that you order a Teaser... which is a great way to try a new blend.


I Got A Broken Bottle - What Do I Do Next?

We encourage our customers to inspect each package upon arrival to ensure safe delivery. We try our hardest to make sure all orders are shipped safely & accurately. Although damage or missing items are very rare, we do insure all the items we ship.


If you receive products that has been damaged during transit, please email us within 72 hours of receiving (delivery confirmation date) to notify us of damaged item. Damaged item must be returned to us in original packaging. Item must be received within 7 business days of email or it will be marked "return to sender" and the replacement will not honored. Once we receive the damaged item back we will send out the replacement & file any/all  necessary claims with the shipping insurance company.


PLEASE NOTE: Customer covers shipping costs of damaged item to us and we cover shipping costs for replacement of damage item to customer.


How Can I Contact You? What Are Your Hours?

We typically are closed on holidays/weekends but you can always reach us by email or via the contact page on our website. We are not your typical 9am to 5pm type of company. Here at Damask Moon we are all pretty much night owls and most often work in the evenings or under the light of the moon. We find true inspiration during these periods of quite darkness - not to mention it works out very well for everyone.




Are Your Products Vegan?

Our products are cruelty free - we only test on willing humans. Our products are also vegan with the exception of our beeswax based products - but it is important to note that a portion of the proceeds of the sale from our beeswax based products goes to Heifer International's Honeybees gift program. Without honeybees our world's agriculture stability is a great risk, and the bees are currently endangered. Here at Damask Moon™ we know that without bees our product would be impossible. We rely on bees to create the beeswax we use in our solid perfumes, and the pollinate the flowers and botanicals that are the basis of our fragrances. That's why the bee is our mascot of Secret Scents Perfume Lockets™ and our charity of choice.

What Do You Mean By - Occasional Faint Blend Variant?
Our products are hand-blended one bottle at a time. Our formulas remain the same and consistent but each is blended by the human hand. This human process may occasionally cause a faint variant in the formula - making each bottle of our fragrance that much more unique!


Why Does This Oil Smell Different On Me Than ‘Jane Doe‘?

One of the wonderful things about Damask Moon Alchemy Oils is they  combine with the oils in your skin - transforming into a unique fragrance made just for you! Sometimes the scent difference is faint and other times you can not believe it is the same fragrance. During our testing of Sacred Space Enchanted Oil we found this scent on a women had a very feminine fragrant quality but the same scent on a man exuded a very deep masculine aroma! This is a lot of fun to try with your family/friends!


How Long Are Your Blends Good For?

Because our products are made fresh to order they have a shelf-life of a year and a half if they are cared for correctly - not exposed to direct sunlight, heat or contaminants including excess of skin oils. Be sure to store in a cool dark place to maximize the shelf-life of your oils.  


Do You Offer Any Free Samples?

Our samples, called Teasers, come in 1/32oz glass vial for $5. We often add a free Teaser to orders but scents are chosen at random.


How Long Does A Bottle Last?

Due to the pure high concentration of our Enchanted Perfume Oils you typically use much less than classic perfume spray to get the bouquet you desire. A bottle of our fragrance lasts about 3 - 6 months. Although this time maybe extended or lessened depending on how often/how much you apply.





Do You Offer Wholesale?

Wholesale inquires contact us at: damaskmoon@att.net or Apply Page

Include your name, business name/address, yrs in business and email.


To become a Damask Moon retail associate there is a selective process to ensure our customer base, branding and our other retail associates remain uncompromised.


Initially the research phase involves several factors such as analyzing the number of other approved retail associates in the area, distance between wholesale vendors etc. This step helps to ensure all our wholesale clients have optimal conditions for optimal sales of all our products.


Once you have been approved thru the research phase - we’ll email you our wholesale agreement showing you have been approved as a Damask Moon™ wholesale associate and can begin placing wholesale orders on our website.


I Applied For A Wholesale Account But Did Not Receive The Wholesale Agreement Email. What Does That Mean? What Is Next?

Most often when a wholesale application is declined, an approved number of wholesale associate maybe in/near your area of business or online vendors spots are filled. If you do not receive an WS Agreement Email - please allow six months and then reapply.


Do You Have A Brief List of Wholesale Terms?

Yes, here is a quick list of some terms for wholesale inquiries.


To sell our products you must have a brick & mortar (physical) store or active online store. We have a fixed number of show vendors. Unless otherwise stated in writing - all trade show sales prohibited. Our trade show vendor slots are filled at this time but feel free to submit an application for future opens or to be added to our trade show vendors waiting list.

Our wholesale discounts are 50% off our regular prices seen on website. We do not carry a wholesale minimum on any of our products EXCEPT our Art Prints and Art Products which carries a low $50 wholesale minimum. If your wholesale purchase is above $250 you also receive free USPS first class shipping!
Wholesale associates, please limit perfume samples to less than 5 per order. These are given to you pretty much at cost and the reason we limit to 5 per order. Purchase "TWO FOR" Enchanted Oils if you need a tester bottle. One bottle is for resale, the other bottle will be filled half way and marked as sample/tester.

The Fun Legal Stuff / Terms of Service - Disclaimer


All art, photos, formulas, fragrance names & descriptions are copyrighted by artist &/or Damask Moon 2003 to present. Do not make any unauthorized copies or uses of any other materials seen on our site without written permission. 


We encourage a strong understanding and education of magick before using our products. As required to state by law, our enchanted, ritual, spells and all other Damask Moon products are spiritual products sold as curios only and are offered for entertainment purposes only. We make NO claims or guarantees to provide any specific abilities or results by using our products. We make no claims that by using our products that your life will greatly improve or change in anyway. We make no claims to treat or cure illness or health conditions. The statements on this web site &/or printed material have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Learn the safe uses for essential oils/herbs before using our products. Please contact your doctor prior to use of any of our products if  you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition or take medications - some essential oils and herbs should not be used in combination with the above conditions. 


Keep all products away from children, pets & flammable objects. As with any natural product, they can be toxic if misused or taken internally. Our oils and products are therapeutic grade and not food grade - they should not be taken internally. Keep oils away from eyes and mucous membranes. Skin test oils before using. Do not use if redness or irritation occurs. If redness, burning, itching or irritation occur - stop using oil immediately. Nut Allergy Alert: Our products contain nut oils &/or are made in environment containing nuts.


Purchaser take sole responsibility for products, handling of products & results of products purchased on our site from our company or from our affiliates. Seller and manufacture is not responsible for misuse nor shall Damask Moon, owners, artists, staff, affiliates and/or representatives be held responsible for misuse of any of our products or any adverse results from use of our product such as (but not limited to) injuries, damages or losses resulting from the purchase of Damask Moon products. By purchasing any Damask Moon products, online or otherwise, it signifies your acceptance of these Terms of Sale Disclaimer statements and releases Damask Moon, owners, artists, staff, affiliates and/or representatives from any and all legal action, any liability, any liability cases and/or claims arising thereof or thereafter. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions on this website or any written materials. We reserve the right to change policies and prices at any time without notice or notification. Damask Moon offers no warrantees, written or imprinted, for any products we sell. All sales are final..

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