We will be on vacation from Jan 20th 2014 thru Feb 1st 2014 ~

We will process any orders received while we are away as soon as we return :)

Enchanted Artwork ~ Artisan Fragrance ~ Jewelry
Artist and Damask Moon owner, Charity Holly - "I create unique artwork, hand-crafted artisan perfume blends and jewelry inspired by my deep connection to Mother Earth, Myth and Magick."
Damask Moon is not your average company... both in concept or in quality! We have been providing our customers with exceptionally unique high quality products for many years. We specialize in unique artwork, hand-blended artisan perfume oils and hand-crafted jewelry inspired by our ancestry of magick. Our products are uniquely packaged, our perfume blends are highly refine, ultra concentrated, long-lasting and alcohol free! We feel when you begin with top quality ingredients - the final product is always exceptional! Experience The Difference of our unique quality for yourself!
What Our Customers Are Saying About Damask Moon
"I've always been drawn to the intoxicating blend of jasmine and vanilla and my quest to find the perfect perfume that embodies this feminine scent led me to Charity's shop, Damask Moon. My nose knew she was a skilled aromatherapist as soon as I rolled the oil onto my wrists. An immediate aura of sexy and sultry confidence fills the room when I indulge in this scent. It is not overpowering and requires a close presence to be noticed, which is how I feel perfume should wear. I find myself sniffing my wrists long into the evening with a morning application, so it certainly is enduring. I could not be more pleased with my selection and overall experience with Damask Moon!" - Krysta (About Our Goddess Aphrodite Enchanted Oil)
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