Why Choose Damask Moon Perfume Oils?

We know how truly frustrating it can be to purchase perfume online. Many years ago Damask Moon's blend artists/owner, Charity Holly, had a severe reaction to a popular department store fragrance spray. She began doing some research and found that countless people are allergic to the alcohol content in many department store fragrances. Some forums she read suggested switching to perfume oils... and so began her adventure into the world of perfume oils.


She was surprised by how much longer perfume oils lasted not only in scent but in the bottles. She did the math and realized how much cheaper perfume oil really is on the pocket book! Department store sprays can run you anywhere from $55-$190 a bottle. Good quality designer perfume oils cost anywhere from $28-$18 a bottle PLUS you use less of these designer oils to achieve an even greater fragrance than department store sprays which means the actual bottle lasted longer making it even more cost effective!


She thought she found her solution but after receiving a few orders, she quickly recognized that all perfume oils are not the same! She found many fragrance companies which offer wonderful quality fragrance and essential oil blends but nothing truly unique like department store fragrances. She also came across some perfume oils that did not hold the quality or scent they claimed online. In fact, some of the perfume oils she purchased contained the very alcohol she was allergic to! It was out of this frustration that she began blending her own quality unique designer oils for family and friends which grew into the Damask Moon you see today!


So Why Choose Damask Moon Perfume Oils? Because we have been in your frustrating shopping shoes. It is from this that Damask Moon was created... just for you! We are not your typical perfume company both in concept or in quality. Damask Moon is an experience of the obscurity and magick that we all hold. We create unique designer oil blends to fit your own unique personality. Our products are uniquely packaged, our perfume blends are highly refine, ultra concentrated, long-lasting and alcohol free! We feel when you begin with top quality ingredients - the final product is always exceptional! Choose Damask Moon and experience the difference of our unique quality for yourself.
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